How we work directly with clients

Our process, timeline, and structure.

Custom Plan Design & Regular Touchbases

Whether you need to set aside money because of a sudden windfall or, you want to put away money to withdraw later in life in retirement, we can design the right plan for you.

Who We Serve

Our strategies are ideal for:

  • High net worth business owners who are looking to contribute more than a typical Cash Balance or Profit Sharing plan design.
  • Business owners who want to protect assets from creditors.
  • Successful family-owned businesses that want to employ generations to come.
  • Pass Through Entities or Business Owners

    Business Owners
    Board Seat Members
    Real Estate Brokers
    Dual Income Families
    VCs and Hedge Funds
    Sole Proprietors, S-Corps, Partnerships, LLCs

  • High-Income Earners

    Yearly contribution ranges from $150k-700k depending on age/plan features
    Larger contribution of pre-tax dollars = greater tax deferrals

  • Individuals Experiencing a Transfer of Wealth

    Protect assets from creditors
    Assets can potentially fund the retirement benefits of the remaining employees, which can be useful in family-owned businesses

Our Process

What we ask of you and how we structure our plans.

Creating a custom plan requires detailed information from all of the participants. We take the time to listen to your goals, review your financials and design the right plan for your situation. Because of this, our process is structured and efficient. This is what we do best. You’re in good hands.

How does it work:

Proposal phase:

We start by sharing a questionnaire asking for detailed financial information so we can create a realistic proposal for your situation. Once we have the input from your answers, we build a proposal.

Our first review meeting walks you through the proposal and provides an opportunity to adjust based on your goals and any details that were left off the initial questionnaire.

Engagement Letter: 

Once we refine the proposal based on your input, and you sign the engagement letter, we get to work on implementing the plan. When the structures are in place we steward the plan throughout the year and advise annually.

Annual Consultation:

We consult with our clients annually to review changes in their financials, review the results-to-date of the plan we put in place, update any changes we need to make to the plan, and perhaps most importantly, to adjust your plan to your goals and potential changes to the future you are planning.

Our Timeline

What to expect working with us

Annual review Circle infographic (1)
  • Discovery

    No obligation phase

    In the discovery phase:

    Step 1: You complete two forms and share financial information to the best of your ability.
    Step 2: Our team generates numbers with a proposal
    There is no cost to you at this stage.

  • Preliminary Feasibility Study

    Building the plan

    Preliminary Feasibility study

    Upon receipt of the two initial questionnaires’ data, our team uses the real numbers to create a proposal.
    Upon proposal delivery, we schedule a meeting to review our proposal and adjust to any changes in the finances.

  • Review & Refinement

    Honing the right plan for you

    Review and Refinement

    We review the initial design based on client goals & any new information.

  • Client signs engagement letter

    We sign our agreement and get to work

  • Annual Consultation

    Review, refine and adjust

    Annual consultation ← this is a loop

    Review financials
    Review results to date
    Update any changes to the plan
    Adjust to client goals future planning

Case Stories

How We Help

While each individual has different needs, business structures, goals and income, we know that if you are able to put away upwards of $400,000/year in the foreseeable future, a customized defined benefit plan can provide tax-advantaged savings that are unsurpassed.

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